Spyder support in Linux – good things cooking?

I was just hanging around on the internet (as you would do on a foggy Saturday morning) when I came across an interesting news. Yan-Ke had started a blog to reverse-engineer the Spyder colorimeter, but the blog hadn’t been active for a while (so I didn’t mention it when talking about the Spyder).

Now there was a recent entry in that blog stating that Graeme Gill (the Color Management Guru behind Argyll CMS, you should all know his name by now) has been working on integrating a Spyder2 driver in Argyll CMS – see this thread in Argyll Mailing list.

Now that is great news for Linux color management in general – since support for affordable screen calibration devices was dearly missed; maybe not for long anymore. The goal is to have Spyder2 supported in the next version of Argyll (0.80?)

On a more personal level, I wonder if my Spyder (first generation) will be supported or not ?!


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