Asus launches EEE PC

Let’s take a break from workflow and insert a news item here 🙂

When you are away for a few days (weeks) on holidays, it is always handy to have a solution to save your (precious) pictures on a hard drive, maybe have a quick look through them to see how you’ve been doing and so on.

So far, you had two main solutions:

  • a dedicated photo viewer like those offered by Jobo
  • a laptop

The photoviewer is smaller but while the simple models are really limited (no screen for photo reviews and very basic file manipulation) more powerful ones end up costing (almost) the price of a laptop. A laptop has more possibilities (you can listen to your music or blog on it) but is bigger and bulkier – not something you can just stick at the back of your photo bag and forget about until you need it.

Enters the EEE PC

Now Asus has been promising the EEE PC (web, wiki, blog) a cheap sub-laptop computer for ever and now is the time of the first deliveries.

This may be a killer for photographers: the EEE has a card reader in it and has several USB2.0 plugs which you can use for an external hard drive. It is a micro PC, so you can transfer your pictures, review them, listen to your MP3s, access wireless internet (EEE has a wifi card in it). Don’t expect it to have enough horsepower to run your RAW batch conversion. But it is small enough to fit in a photobag (22 x 16 x 3.5cm – a tad more than an A5 sheet) and weights less than 1kg.

Now let’s see what the price of the machines are (since price and specifications have been a moving target over the last months). But as a photographer, I definitely will keep an eye on Asus EEE PC…

And did I mention the EEE PC runs (a customized) Xandros Linux?



2 Responses to Asus launches EEE PC

  1. Hub says:

    The fact that is run Xandros is not an advantage. It is an inconvenience. It ain’t Free Software.

  2. jcornuz says:

    I don’t know the status of each of the packages included and I gladly trust your expertise on that. My point was that the hardware should be supported in Linux (and your favorite distro).

    Merci d’être passé.


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