Ubuntu Linux graphic software list

In another of these never ending threads that is the TradeMark of UbuntuForums, I came across a list of all the design, photo, video and animation tools available for Ubuntu Linux. The thread is 114 posts long (as of writing) and the content has been moved to an independent wiki: artlinux.wetpaint.com. The real meat is the top left box – “Navigation”.

While it contains only basic information on the programs and not all are interesting for photography, this is a good starting point if someone needs an overview of “what exists”. And unfortunately, there is no Photoshop or Lightroom Open Source equivalent that had gone unnoticed so far… if you DO find one, though, please let me know 🙂

Still, the link is worth a visit.


4 Responses to Ubuntu Linux graphic software list

  1. Yves says:

    Do you think the lack of copy protection solutions on Linux platforms is a reason for large commercial companies not to port their software even as closed source proprietary packages to Linux?

  2. jcornuz says:

    I think we need to be realistic here: Linux is only a couple of percents of total (desktop) market share and most people are fine with The Gimp – so there wouldn’t be a lot of paying customers, not enough to justify porting, I guess.

    However, check that (oldish) link about OSS and Hollywood studios: http://preview.millimeter.com/mag/video_linux_hollywood/index.html

  3. I’m developing blueMarine; still in early stages, but people could help in making it a great tool. Cheers.

  4. jcornuz says:

    Hi Fabrizio,

    Thanks for passing by. I tried blueMarine a couple of times – I am waiting for it to mature a little bit to write more about it. Thanks for letting people know!!

    Take care,


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