It is a war – well, almost…

French photography magazine Chasseur d’Images (CI) has seen all its adverts from Canon being diverted to “another French speaking magazine” due to a dispute about the AF problems of the new Canon Eos 1D Mark III.

Rob Galbraith and other users reported AF problems on the new Canon. When CI inquired from Canon about it, Canon denied any problems. As rumors grew, CI asked for an official statement by Canon and apparently Canon was recalling the bodies from the shops for correction, but not from users who already bought the camera.

CI published the information on their website and Canon-France decided to counter-strike by diverting their adverts away from Chasseur d’Images.

I hope I got that right since the situation is quite complicated. If you read French, here is the info from CI. And a couple of threads (not always accurate) on dpreview (1, 2) about the subject. Please comment 🙂


2 Responses to It is a war – well, almost…

  1. meetthegimp says:

    Is Canon feeling the heat from the new Nikons? This is not the behaviour of a market leader, this look more like pure PANIC.


  2. jcornuz says:

    Hi Rolf,

    Thanks for saving me the embarrassment of being a fool with my “please comment” 🙂

    I think that Canon is more afraid of Pentax than Nikon. Pentax was scheduled a press conference on January 24 to announce its new products and Canon tried to steal their marketing thunder by organizing their press conference that same day… Plus the new Pentax is supposed to kick some serious ass.

    I am joking, but proud to be Pentaxian 🙂

    Take care.


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