Don’t forget the big picture

There have been lots of talk about technique in the last entries. Technique is good and necessary; it is fascinating to see how to use OSS for photography. But let’s not forget that technique is a servant to our big goal: produce the best possible images.

Over Christmas and New Year, we made quite a few trips on our snowshoeing favorite spot in the Swiss Jura. This entry will just be about showing off my three favorite ones – yes there has been quite a few “deletions”.

Hope you’ll enjoy (clicking on thumbnails will give you a bigger version…).



The Dole



Foggy / sunny



Snow graphism


4 Responses to Don’t forget the big picture

  1. #2 is my favourite – it’s a rare light situation captured really well. You have well enhanced the black silhouette in the front that makes the sunny strip shine even more.
    #1 has a wonderful soft mood and stands for itself – well framed bright region of sky between the mountains and the dark strip on top.

    And you are completely right – technology should be a servant to our goal of creating pictures.

    Regards – Markus

  2. jcornuz says:

    Hi Markus,

    Thanks for your comment. Good to see a comment on images and not just on technique 🙂

    You have quite a few good ones, too. “Moments in Time” and “black and white” are my favorite galleries. Congrats!

    Take care,


  3. Halgeir says:

    Have seen lot of pictures from landscapes with unatural enchanced colors (a loot of them on flickr). Many of the too “flashy” and “artyfarty” for my taste. The colours of you pictures was very good. Thank you for all the helpful articles in 2007! Keep on the good work!


  4. jcornuz says:

    Hi there,

    I think you raise an interesting question: “where do I stop the saturation cursor?”. Since a more saturated image tends to attract the eye more, the trend is to saturate more and more, sometimes beyond reason.

    Thanks for your encouragement, I have something interesting cooking 🙂

    Take care,


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