A new Pentax FA 35mm

After using and enjoying a few oldies K-mount lenses (especially the 28mm f/2.8), I decided to upgrade and get a fully working new lens (read: autofocus, automatic diaph and light metering). I like the idea of “zooming with my feet” as well as having a much lighter, less intimidating and easier to carry around camera.

Because I liked the 28mm focal, I wanted something close enough – maybe a bit less wide since I had found myself cropping my images from the 28 quite often. So I had to chose between the DA 40mm F/2.8 and the FA 35mm F/2.0. I went for the later – although I like the look of the pancake, the extra light and the focal closer to 28mm made me pick the 35. It is also full frame compatible, should anything happen in the future 🙂

It has a very good reputation in terms of image quality; some even comparing to the mythical FA 31mm Limited – well, it would lose, obviously, but still. I see it as a good low light, candid and street photography lens. And there will be a Pentax K 28mm for sale on ricardo.ch, one of these days.

Here is the first decent picture with this new toy:


One Response to A new Pentax FA 35mm

  1. CeC says:

    Wonderful !!!!!!!!! 😉

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