Geotagging images with Linux

Just a one-liner to say that there is an article on about geotagging images under Linux. Vivosz on also has a couple of entries on the subject.

And yes, the goal of this entry is to avoid that the embarrassing previous one stays on top for too long 🙂


One Response to Geotagging images with Linux

  1. Xavier says:

    Hi Joel,

    Thank you for this link to photobuntu. It seems to be another valuable source as regards digital asset management under linux.
    I have started to play with digikam in a “sandbox”, but the inability to edit the iptc tags in RAW files and the fact that it does not support the old Canon EOS-1D are two hurdles in the ongoing process of moving my workflow towards linux.

    Anyway, I’ll keep reading your blog, waiting for the next release of digikam.


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