Photography – for a change

Last weekend, I was the “official photographer” of a Christian Youth event in Switzerland. It was a chance to shoot a lot, reportage and concert pictures. A very good training ground – and the chance to forget about Linux and concentrate on photography 🙂

I have put together a gallery on my image site. But just for your viewing pleasure, here is my favorite one:



2 Responses to Photography – for a change

  1. Pavel says:

    My “official start” was a year ago and i should admit it makes a big difference.
    So far I was not able to survive with Linux only, because, you should understand me now, there are no stable fast processing tools yet, which is almost must for any large scale session. So I have to buy Adobe LightRoom ;-(
    But, also thanks to your propaganda, the Linux graphical tools are getting better and better every month since 5 years ago as I started using them. We have the hope, indeed!
    WBR, Pavel.

  2. Hi , Congrats …nice pics you have here .I’m trying to get some good shots from the daily events from my country …
    You must have a nice camera to get theese pics ..!

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