So, does it matter or not?

I previously reported that Michael Reichmann and Ken Rockwell were arguing via essays on their websites whether the camera matters or not. My tentative resolution of sorting out the dispute via Googlefight didn’t quite solve the problem since Ken Rockwell > Michael Reichmann, but Luminous Landscape > Ken Rockwell.

Michael Reichman just published another essay by Sean Reid that further talks about the issue. Since the essay is published on Luminous Landscape and is entitled “Yes, it matters”, you can see where it is coming from. Still I think it is well worth reading.


2 Responses to So, does it matter or not?

  1. tudza says:

    Sorry, but this Reichmann character strikes me as rude.

  2. M 7.0 says:

    It is necessary to kick Ken Rockwell’s asses so that he will shut the frak up. And maybe think before he talks next time.

    Talk about gear-oriented, look at KR’s website, how many LENS REVIEWS he puts up every week?

    At least we know Michael Reichman is a real and known professional in Canada, Ken Rockwell however, does not have any portfolios to support his claims of being a professional.

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