Linus Torvalds’ best quotes

OK nothing to do with photography, but here are a few quotes from Linus Torvalds. Since he is to Linux what Nicephore Niepce is to photography, this entry is well deserved – especially since most of the quotes are so funny.

My favorite is:

“Regression testing”? What’s that? If it compiles, it is good, if it boots up it is perfect.


2 Responses to Linus Torvalds’ best quotes

  1. Trollette says:

    Nice quote ! 😉

  2. Paul Cubbage says:

    Linux is a great guy and has done great work but he basically reverse-engineered/modeled on UNIX. that would make Ken Thompson the Nicephore Niepce as he is the “inventor” of UNIX.

    I’d personally call Linus the Ansel Adams of Linux.

    It’s amazing that in the same period the first manned flight (1783) and the first photograph (1823) appeared in France.

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