Rawstudio reaches version 1.0

As hinted in this interview, Rawstudio 1.0 was released last week-end. From the time I reviewed the application and apart from tons of bugfixes, there are a few nice additions:

  • a directory listview allowing to directly browse through your hard drive.
  • a new (optional) dark interface – apparently, without it, you cannot be considered a serious photo application…
  • more important, an sharpen tool. Very Rawstudio-like: plenty fast and with an beautiful output (check at 100%, it reminds me of film grain… well, a bit)

Read the announcment on the Rawstudio developers mailing list. Get the source from Rawstudio website (Ubuntu builds from Launchpad are also available).

Congrats to the Rawstudio team for this great application!


2 Responses to Rawstudio reaches version 1.0

  1. NewMikey says:

    Excellent! That sharpening tool is pretty amazing and so is the batch mode. This is what we were waiting for and a very worthy 1.0 version it is. I have immediately tried it out and find it to be easy to handle, produce excellent results and has a nice interface.

    This could replace UFRaw as my main raw converter!

  2. jcornuz says:

    Hi Mike,

    Always a pleasure to read from you…

    I would say that for nitpicking on 1 file, UFraw is still offers a few more options like highlight recovery, luminance curve, etc. But for processing quickly and efficiently several “easy” files, Rawstudio does a great job (copy/paste settings, batch, etc).

    Rawstudio IS my converter of choice (as you had guessed).

    Take care,


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