Rawtherapee 2.3 working on Hardy amd64

The new version of RawTherapee (2.3) has been available for some time already (February 12). Here is an extract from the changelog:

  • Image resizing tool
  • Vignetting correction tool
  • Local contrast enhancement tool
  • Auto Crop and Fill option in the rotation tool
  • Channel mixer
  • Deconvolution based sharpening
  • Selectable guide lines when cropping
  • Enhanced auto and spot white balance

There is even a more recent news entry speaking about the upcoming 2.4 version.

Why do I only talk about RawTherapee 2.3 now? One of its most interesting features for those concerned is the ability to download an amd64 version – previously, you needed to create a 32bits chroot environment which was like using an atomic bomb to kill a sparrow: it worked but… Unfortunately, there had been a bug in Ubuntu Hardy Heron preventing it from running. Now that the final version of the Heron is out, it is working like a charm:

So for those interested, get your copy of RawTherapee, make a donation and enjoy. As for me, my RAW converter of choice still is Rawstudio.

Since it has become a fashion to insert heron’s pictures in blogs these days, here is mine – although I don’t know for sure whether this one is hardy or not. The next Ubuntu version is Intrepid Ibex; can’t wait for Joyful Jabiru and Kolossal Koala…

And that was post 100 on this blog 🙂


3 Responses to Rawtherapee 2.3 working on Hardy amd64

  1. FX Belloir says:

    Yes! and interim 2.4 version is downloadable here:

  2. Dave says:

    I guess my main question with RawTherapee (and all the other Linux convertors) is regarding the storage mechanisms of the develop settings. I currently use Adobe Lightroom and all my settings are stored in XMP sidecar files which is a kind of defacto standard. How does this tool (and for that matter LightZone, Bibble, etc.) store their settings. I’ve been an Ubuntu user for 9 months now and loving it, but am hesitant to invest hundreds of hours tweaking settings that are stored in a proprietary format I can import to or export from.

    Perhaps this is a topic for another blog!

  3. jcornuz says:

    Hi Dave,

    I think RawTherapee puts its files in a ./.rawtherapee subfolder – I know this is how Rawstudio does it (there is also an option to store everything in one’s home directory). XMP is a de facto standard (as you say), but I am not sure that the fact that Lightroom stores its per image settings as XMP makes *them* a standard.

    It would be a great project to have an Open Standard for storing RAW processing parameters!

    Take care,


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