Libre Graphics Meeting 2008

Last week-end was the LGM 2008 conference in Wroclaw (Poland) and streamings are here. The presentation slides synchronized with the speaker’s voice: Kai-Uwe Behrman (on Oyranos), Øyvind Kolås (on GEGL), Peter Sikking (on Gimp user interface), Pablo d’ Angelo (Hugin) as well as stuff about Krita, Phatch and a few others.

There is also a Flickr group for LGM images setup by Alexandre Prokoudine.

Looks like hours of fun 🙂


4 Responses to Libre Graphics Meeting 2008

  1. Bob K. says:

    I wonder if anyone commented about why Cinepaint was not included in any of the Hardy repostories. Not good for Ubuntu users!.

  2. pchev says:

    I also searched Cinepaint for Hardy and found it here:
    work fine for me.

  3. Bob K. says:

    I heard this was a testing version and there are still some things with it that don’t quite work right. But from what I understand, she will be responsible for getting it back into the main repositories after the bugs are worked out. The last deb developer for Cinepaint went AWOL from what I just read. So Debian took it out of (Lenny), which trickled down to Ubuntu 8.04.

  4. Bob K. says:

    Quoted from Caroline Ford maintainer of Cinepaint debian. “This is the package that I’ve built in my ppa. There are a few
    problems with it – the colour profile thing doesn’t work out of the

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