LGM 2008 wrap-up

As previously mentionned, the Linux Graphics Meeting 2008 took place recently in Wroclaw and for those who couldn’t make it to Poland, videos are online. A few interesting tidbits about the presentations:

  • GEGL + Gimp User Interface. Nothing really new in the talks from Øyvind Kolås and Peter Sikking but it is good to have (yet another) confirmation that things are moving forward with the Gimp and moving in an interesting direction for photographers.
  • The presentation about Hugin was interesting for me because Pablo d’Angelo demonstrated for the first time (that I know of) the use of the Lensfun library in that project (second part of his talk). And according to Alexandre’s blog, quite a few projects are adding support for Lensfun, including Rawstudio (although not in SVN yet). Hopefully more on Lensfun soon.
  • Dave Coffin spoke about the RAW demosaicing command line tool DCRaw which is used in a lot of Open Source Software. He makes an interesting comparison of different parameters, RAW demosaicing algorithms and so on – although the video quality doesn’t quite shows the subtle rendition nuances… Answering a question from Alexandre Prokoudine (who else 🙂 ), Dave also mentioned the fact that the “wavelet denoising” that we find a slider for in UFraw is in fact a function in DCRaw and that this denoising actually happens before demosaicing which is the Right Thing (TM) to do; it also means that it should be relatively easy to add denoising to other programs that use DCRaw.
  • Worth mentioning also are the talks by Kai-Uwe Behrman on Oyranos and Color Management in general as well as Stani on Phatch.

One Response to LGM 2008 wrap-up

  1. David says:

    Thanks for the LGM video links.

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