This is just too funny…

Bill Gates describes his experience trying to install Windows Movie Maker back in 2003.

My conclusion: if “Linux is free only if your time is worth nothing” then the price you pay for Windows sucking up your time makes your time worth a lot of money.

Yes, I know this has nothing to with Linux & Photography.


2 Responses to This is just too funny…

  1. Graphius says:

    Just the other day I showed a co-worker from the copy center my Ubuntu laptop.
    She was blown away.
    Now I do have some eye candy installed, so that helped, but even just multiple desktops, the available applications etc made her drool.
    Why have so many people, including me, put up with the kludgy Microsoft product for so long is amazing…

  2. I’ve been using Linux without the help of any other OS at home for a few years now. I use Windows 2000 at work. I’ve never spent much time with Windows XP and none at all with Vista. It’s kind of nice because I can tell people “Sorry, I’ve never even used Vista and my experience with XP is terribly limited.”

    I should start pointing people to that article and say “Even Bill Gates thinks it sucks!” 🙂

    I also like telling people my stuff is free and I didn’t have to apply a crack.

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