Nikon announces an “affordable” Full Frame

That’s it, the Canon 5D is not a one of its kind anymore. Nikon just announced the D700 ( DPreview, with hands-on previewNikon website) which basically puts a D3 sensor inside a D300 body. Better image quality, higher ISO support and still a reasonable 12 megapixels for a “mere” 2700 €. Ah, and don’t forget to change all your APS-C lenses…

Still, after Canon, Nikon and (probably soon) Sony going full frame, Pentax / Samsung will not be able to stay quiet for very long. That should feed a few threads on photography forums. But does it matter or not?

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9 Responses to Nikon announces an “affordable” Full Frame

  1. michele says:

    The only thing I need from a full frame, is the 1:1 crop factor. I want wide angles and to have even a 28mm equivalent on APS-C sensors, you’ll have to spell your kidneys. Of grab one of the great compacts around these days 🙂 (I have an LX2 and I’m lusting for a GR-D)

  2. Janne says:

    I’m not too interested. APS-C is the “good enough” format for digital, just liek 35mm was for film. If I’m stepping up from that I want a bigger improvement. I’ll just wait for affordable digital medium format.

  3. It doesn’t matter to me. I want a smaller SLR body, not a bigger one. APS-C has so many advantages over Film Frame that even if it becomes ‘affordable’, I will not buy it. But then, I have an extremely large penis and don’t have to compensate for it with my huge camera and huge long lenses.
    My 6MP camera’s image size is larger than every monitor or TV set I can see coming out for many years.

  4. Graphius says:

    Everyone talks about using wide angle lenses. An 18mm is plenty wide for me. I prefer telephotos. The DX format gives me just that extra reach.

  5. Charles says:

    It definitely interests me. I’m really hoping Pentax will release a camera with a 35mm sensor at some point. I love my *ist DS, but a larger viewfinder would be nice. I’ll patiently wait until the technology is cheap enough I can pick one up for under $2000 though, so I’ll be waiting a while:)

  6. Maciej says:

    Hi. That’s a good news. Soon most of the cameras will have again 35mm. The bad news is that many of us will have to change not only the body but the lens as well.

    And 35mm IS BETTER than APS-C. The reason for this is a diffraction limit and larger tollerance for lens distorsions. In the effect the images shot with 35mm are always sharper than APS with the same number of megapixels.

  7. Rolf says:

    I am tempted by full frame and even more (but out of reach 😉 ) medium format: With a bigger sensor you get less depth of field if you want to. Ok, you gett sometimes less than you want to have too. …

  8. jcornuz says:

    Hi there,

    A couple of years ago, I was pretty sure I would buy a FF someday. Now I am not so sure about it anymore: I think APS will remain cheaper and image quality gradually increase. And honestly, I think my photographs would more benefit from talent and training than from buying a FF :).

    Take care


    PS: Charles, good to see a fellow *istDSer (what a name…)

  9. Maciej says:

    jcornuz: I think my photographs would more benefit from talent and training than from buying a FF.

    This can never be more true 😉

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