Linux & Unix horror stories

I came accross this collection of disasters: too good not to pass on, even if it is completely off topic. Very funny if you are reading what happened to someone else.


2 Responses to Linux & Unix horror stories

  1. Of course this works with pretty much any platform. But the Unix shell interface makes it fairly easy to shoot yourself in the foot if you don’t know what you’re doing, or if you haven’t read the documentation, or if you’ve just skimmed it, or it you’ve read the documentation for the wrong platform (as in Linux users running “killall” elsewhere)…

    Of course, the shell, like any language interpreter is unforgiving. If you said so, you must have meant so.

    Anyway, most of those could happen in “NT” (provided that there was a decent shell in NT, which there apparently /can/ be nowadays/).

    So, yes; they’re fun. In a “I can’t believe they were stupid enough not to check what they were doing” fun. But they’re newbie silly mistakes. Those work anywhere.

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