Two links for your consideration:

Michael Reichmann – The Leica M9, a field review

Joe McNally – a photographer’s best piece of equipment (youtube video)

Comment anyone?

5 Responses to Attitudes

  1. Commentator says:

    The journalist photographer is considerably less interested in technical issues than in capturing the moment; by comparison the fine-art photographer may seem obsessed with technical issues (above all, print quality).

  2. TDB says:

    You probably meant Leica, not Leice…

  3. GregK8 says:

    I always found the whole Leica phenomena interesting. I can’t afford one and I’m not sure I would buy one if I could at close to $20,000 for a body and 2 or 3 lenses.

    I did get to shoot with a film version once back in the 90’s, I don’t exactly remember exactly which, but I would describe the results I got as unremarkable, mostly I’m sure because I’m a somewhat unremarkable photographer. The experience of shooting I would describe as fun however. The camera felt great in my hand and it took me back to my K1000 days where you had to be thinking about the technical aspects of the shot as well as the composition.

    As for the statement that the most important piece of equipment in the bag is attitude, that kind of sounds like the camera doesn’t matter 🙂

  4. I read the book Joe is reading in this presentation. Although the title is something like “The decisive moment” (from the german translation) it is not at all about the moment, it is about preparation, lighting, flash setups mainly.

    But nevertheless because of some snapshots, great images without expensive setup and thoughts like this one, it is inspiring.

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