An exclusive interview with Martin Nordholts

December 27, 2008

For a long time I wanted to do an interview with one of the GIMP developers. Then I came across Martin Nordholts (aka enselic) website and read the following description of his involvement with GIMP:

Here is my list of most critical features GIMP needs and which I intend to help bring into existance:

  • High bit deepth editing through GEGL
  • Non-destructive editing through GEGL
  • A completely color managed workflow
  • Native CMYK and spot color support

I decided he was the man and bugged him for an interview. So here is one of the core contributors to GIMP telling us about the current state of affairs, helping us to understand what is going on deep inside the GIMP (and GEGL) as well as lifting a corner of the veil about what is to come.

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An exclusive interview with Andrew Zabolotny

May 31, 2008

There was quite a bit of discussion about the Lensfun library in the recent Linux Graphic Meeting and I previously said that Lensfun is a project we want to keep an eye on. Today is the chance to do so with an interview of its main developer, Andrew Zabolotny. Andrew talks about how it all started, what the current situation is and where he sees Lensfun going in the future.
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An exclusive interview with Neil McShane

April 17, 2008

Hi Neil,

Thanks for taking some time for an interview. I generally “pick” free software developers but I thought it would be interesting to talk to a photographer who happens to use and know Linux… and does his fine art photography work on a Mac with Lightroom & Photoshop.

For those interested, your image gallery is available at or and your blog can be found at

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An exclusive interview with Anders Brander

March 17, 2008

Hi Anders

Thanks for taking some time to speak to us about Rawstudio. With Adobe LightRoom, Apple Aperture and Nikon Capture as the behemoths of RAW processing softwares (available on proprietary OSes), with Bibble, RawTherapee and LightZone as contenders (available on Linux, but not open source), it is good to see what pure open source software can produce as a RAW batch processing software.

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An exclusive interview with David Tschumperlé

February 4, 2008

Hello David.

Thanks for your availability. I am very much looking forward to what you have to say about such a hot topic as noise on digital images – and how to minimize it. Although not an expert in photography, you are the man behind the GREYCstoration noise removal algorithm and as such your field of expertise is of the highest interest for us, photographers.

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An exclusive interview with Kai-Uwe Behrmann

January 16, 2008

Hello Kai-Uwe

As one of the lead developers of Cinepaint and a very active contributor in Color Management (CM) on Linux, you are a key-person when it comes to using Linux for photography. Thank you very much for taking the time to share your thoughts with us and help us understand better what is going on in the Color Management field on Linux.

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