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Hi there,

My name is Joel Cornuz. After more than 30 years in Geneva (Switzerland), I now live in Montreal.

I have been into photography seriously for about 6-7 years, using Pentax gear. I started with a film MZ50 (that’s ZX50 for Americans, I think) and bought a *istDS in 2005. Lenseswise (?) I have a Tamron 28-75 f/2.8, a 16-45 f/4.0 and 80-320 from Pentax. I recently added a Pentax FA35 f/2.0 for lightweight photography which I enjoy using very much.

I started taking holiday snapshots and got into photography more and more. My preferred fields are landscapes with nice lights, but I try to never miss a chance to practice (graphics, black and white, I even did a wedding recently…)

I have also been using Linux for quite some years (starting in the days where having an up and running X server was a good week of hard work…) and have since then tried to use Linux for photography – these days, I run Ubuntu for it’s ease of use.

I come to realize that “proper photography” requires quite a few tricks and tweaks in various parts of the system and that it may be useful to share and discuss them. That’s why this blog exists 🙂

I also would like to recommend that you pay a visit to my photography website: jcornuz.awardspace.com . At the end of the day, the images matter, not the technique you use to produce them.

Email: jcornuz@gmail.com


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