I know this has been a very long time (I barely remembered my wordpress password) but here we go: a new article. Don’t expect much at that point though – if you were still expecting anything, that is.
But here is the thing: Pentaxforums has recently run a give away along the lines of “write a technical blogpost related to photography – we’ll pick the best one(s) and offer goodies up to $1000 thanks to sponsoring by B&H”.
Guess what? I submitted an entry Linux for photography, 3 years down the line which aimed to revisit my previous article on the topic. And it got selected among the 15 finalists.
Now why do I tell all that right now? Two things:
  1. if you want to help my “cause” read the article (the more hits, the higher my chances) or even better (if you are a subscriber to Pentaxforums – and any true Pentaxian should be) vote for me. Don’t tell me you didn’t se that one coming 😛
  2. this was also an opportunity to remember that blogging is time consuming, but also a lot of fun. So here is the idea: help me get a higher rank in PentaxForums give away and I’ll resume blogging 🙂 The first article will be about GIMP being invaded by goats…
 PS: no, this is not bribing: Adam (PF administrator) encouraged us to “share this voting thread with your friends, together with a link to your article”. I am just obeying 🙂

9 Responses to News?

  1. PascalPhotos says:

    I am glad you are back! I hope you will have time to write new articles about linux and photography…

  2. Welcome back! Last time you mentioned you were moving to Canada. How did it go?

  3. Mato (@mato) says:

    Hi! Hope you start posting again soon!!!

  4. jcornuz says:

    yes I have been living in Mtl for the last 4 years (almost) and enjoying it – since I am still there 😛
    Take care

  5. Kant says:

    great to have you back =)

    If you find the time, please do a post on RAW workflows, we have quite a few nowadays. I used to work with bibble/aftershot, then switched to darktable; this past saturday I did a talk about it on UbuCon LA.

  6. philastokes says:

    this was also an opportunity to remember that blogging is time consuming

    Ha! I hear ya. I keep meaning to give it up…but then people post comments like this one and it drags you back in again! 😀

  7. Georg says:

    Great to see you returning to THE linux photography blog 🙂

    … “in other news”: LightZone might not be dead and abandoned commercialware after all:

  8. Donna says:

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